New horizons; 3Gbps

New horizons; 3Gbps

  • 3Gbps Full duplex communications
  • Automatic tracking up to 1500m
  • Auto focus upto 1500m
  • Rugged outdoor design
Trimble Free Space Optics

Trimble Free Space Optics

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Trimble- FSO offers you the solution to your network needs !
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Trimble FSO Technology


Trimble Free space optics is a data communications technology using laser devices to carry information. Unlike lower frequency systems such as microwave, the high frequency "carrier" of free space optics propagates with the characteristics of light. The system creates no radio frequency "side lobes" for eavesdropping and cannot be jammed by conventional radio techniques. Individual units in a FSO system are known as "laser heads" and contain the transmitter, receiver, optics, control mechanisms, environmental controls and network connection. Network connections to the laser head are frequently based on well-established standards such as Ethernet. Different physical connections may include copper or fiber-optic cables. When you lay new fiber optic or copper cables, you either hang them above ground on utility poles (least expensive) or bury them in an underground installation (most expensive). The cable costs stay constant or decline slightly over time. By contrast the excavation and installation costs keep increasing. Trenching for utilities can cost from $1 to $3 million per mile in Manhattan. In dense urban environments, a right of way is required. You can take a long time to obtain these and may have costs including environmental impact studies. You may have to pay acquisition fees or royalties. Once obtained, there can be vast costs due to disruption of the existing environment (traffic, trenching, sidewalk repair, horizontal drilling). You may also need to relocate existing services temporarily or permanently

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